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For those of us who travel where the conveniences of home are not always around one pleasure we all miss is having a hot shower in the morning or the end of the day.  We’d like hot water for cleaning and we’d like to have hot water where ever we go!

If you’re one of those people then your answer is here.  The Camp Shower Pro system is your mobile hot water station that can travel with you anywhere you go.


Complete Portable Hot Water System is All In One Package

The Camp Shower Pro is a complete package that includes all you need for a hot water resource where ever you’re at.  The system sets up in minutes and requires no technical knowledge to use. Just connect to water, propane and power and you have access to nearly endless amounts of hot water for showers, washing, cleaning and cooking.

Your kit includes all hoses and connections so there’s nothing extra to buy.  It even includes a shower head and hose.

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There are Dozens of Uses for Hot Water Out of Town

Having hot water in your remote location makes everything you do  more enjoyable.  If you’re a camper; the idea of waking up to a hot shower is a dream. Your animals and pets will enjoy getting a bath wherever you’re at with the warm water.

Other great uses for CampShowerPro are boating, work-sites, Granny Flats, beach houses, stables, remote research facilities, farms and so much more.  The options for use are endless

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Anyone Can Use CampShowerPro

Access to hot water anywhere isn’t hard to get. Setting up CampShowerPro isn’t hard and can be done in 10  minutes or less.  Everything you need for operations is included.  You’ll need to supply water source, propane and 12v electric source.  Connections are universal standard sizes so you won’t need to buy specialty equipment to make it work.


If you’ve ever connected a grill to propane and the garden hose to an a faucet then you’re qualified to hook up the CampShower Pro.  The whole system is designed to be portable.   You can use it inside a structure or outdoors.  The system has built-in safety functions to protect the user from any harzard.


Never Take A Cold Shower Again… Thanks to CampShowerPro

Hot water simply cleans better than cold water. It’s because the heat from water changes the molecular structure of skin and other substances.  The heat expands molecules and allows the water to wash away embedded dirt and substances that contracted molecules keep contained.    Hot water also breaks down oils and grease better and allows them to be washed away much faster than the use of cold water.  So when it comes to cleaning; CampShowerPro does it faster and more thoroughly than cold washing alone.

Impressive Service and Features Make CampShowerPro Tops!


National Shipping or Free Pickup

S&S Ships normally within 24 hours of confirmed order. No handling charges included. You may also pick up your CampShowerPro kit in West Sydney.

Sold By S&S: Over 25 Years in Business

S&S, Your CampShowerPro supplier has been in business for over 25 years and stands behind every unit we sell.  If you need help during setup, or parts later on, we are a phone call away.

Built-In Safety Features

CampShowerPro has incredible safety features.  The unit automatically shuts off propane if for any reason the heating flame goes out.  Maximum 50° temperature avoids burns from too-hot water.

How It Works

The CampShowerPro system is simple.  Water enters the device as cold and is run through pipes that are heated through propane.

You adjust how hot or cool the water is exiting the device.  There is no limit to how much hot water you can get.   There are very few moving parts so there is less chance of anything breaking and very little maintenance.  It’s a great concept and works every time.

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